Music Assurance

We coined the term Digital Music Assurance to cluster a set of technologies and techniques we employ to protect the music entrusted to our products. The SRV is our first Digital Music Assurance product in what will soon be a line of DMA products.


To be a DMA product we need to store, protect, serve and play digital music files with the highest integrity possible.


Digital music files give us an unprecedented connection to music. Their ease of access as well as other improvements in our listening experience has helped to reunite us with our music collections and our love of music. Yet unlike LPs and CDs, we cannot simply place digital music files on a shelf and know they will always be there. Because of their nonphysical nature and their method of storage, digital music files are more susceptible to undetected and unintended loss.


With the size of some of our music collections it could be weeks or even months before we might notice some of our music is missing or damaged. This is why we created auranas.

Your music collection.

Protected by auranas®.